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    Paint Correction    

Connecticut Fairfield County Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating
Connecticut Fairfield County Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

Paint correction is a paint finish refreshment process that removes minor scratches, water marks, light swirls
and marring marks using a machine polish. This process is different for each car, as every car is different
and may require more or less work than the other.


New car? Factory defects, or marks incurred during the build and transport of your new vehicle can be corrected.
It is not a process exclusive to pre-owned cars. An in-person inspection of the vehicles exterior is required to give
an accurate paint correction quote.


A paint correction is often followed by a semi-permanent hydrophobic sealant, a ceramic nano coating. We highly recommend this as a follow up to aid in protecting the newly cleared finish of your car. 



    Ceramic Coatings    

​Ceramic coating is a semi-permanent hydrophobic sealant often times applied to the vehicle after a paint correction, or on top of paint protection film. The hardness and chemical resistance of the coating preserves the paint corrected finish and helps prevent damage caused by natural elements (bird droppings, bug splatters etc). It's another level of protection, with these features:

hydrophobic - repels contaminates, waters, oil and more

lasts longer than traditional waxes and sealants, with regular maintenance

provides long lasting added gloss, and adds depth

safe to apply on top of paint protection film

easier cleaning and maintenance

Full Protective Coating
(on painted body surfaces)

Starting at $1600,
with one stage paint correction.

Vehicle needs to be seen
in-person to evaluate condition and provide accurate quote.
Connecticut Fairfield County Ceramic Coating
Wheel Coatings

Starting at $400
for all four wheels.

Wheels-off service, with the inner barrel of the wheel coated as well.
Connecticut Fairfield County Ceramic Wheel Coating
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