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  • I see your service area listed as Cedar Park, but no exact address listed anywhere. Why is that?
    Since we are working out of our home garage, for privacy reasons, we give the exact address upon setting an appointment (versus having it listed on the site publicly). We are located in the Brushy Creek/Buttercup Creek area to give you a close idea on location. For more info on our home workshop, please see our About Us section.
  • What are your hours?
    We are by appointment only, and offer flexible dropoffs/pickups.
  • How long does the installation take?
    It varies, depending on the level of coverage, and difficulty of installation. We give you an estimate in your email quote.
  • What paint protection film are you using?
    We use SunTek (traditional glossy and matte) paint protection films. This film is covered by a 10yr manufacturer warranty against yellowing and cracking.
  • Do you use template software, or bulk method, for your installations?
    We utilized SunTek's own template software, for a more precise/accurate install. In some situations (where there is not template available for an older car, if it is a custom vehicle), we may need to use the bulking method. We let you know which method it would be in your email quote.
  • My car has a factory matte paint job, can you still protect it?
    Yes! We use matte paint protection film for the matte finished cars. If you have a gloss car that you would like to transform to matte, we can do that as well utilizing the matte paint protection film.
  • What else can you protect, other than cars?
    Bicycles! Our sister company, The Bike Protectors, features all of our bicycle installations. Check it out at .
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