Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film (also know as PPF or clear bra) is vital to keeping your vehicles paint in the best condition as possible, acting as a shield to protect against various sorts of normal finish hazards; rock chips, light scratches, tar, bugs and bird dropping stains. It also has a "self healing" clear coat, that will eliminate fine swirls and scratches with just the heat of the sun or a heat gun.

At Refined PPF we choose only the most innovative and high quality paint protection films on the market 

to protect our client vehicles, PremiumShield paint protection film. Superior clarity, self healing properties, hydrophobic top layer, and an unparalleled flat finish (no more added orange peel finish like the other leading films).


The film is warrantied against discoloration, fading, cracking or bubbling. Valid only if applied by a certified PremiumShield installer such as ourselves.


Our Installation Process

Thorough wash:

Hand wash, clay and/or decontaminate any surfaces that require it to ensure a completely smooth
surface prior to film installation.

Prep the vehicle:

We use isopropyl alcohol to wipe clean all installation surfaces. This ensures that any waxes or residues are removed for a completely clean surface. If possible, this is also when we remove hood badges for an even more invisible looking installation.


We use a soapy-water mix and a squeegee to install the PPF. Edges are wrapped where possible. 

Delivery prep:

Inspect all of the installed PPF, check all of the wrapped edges to ensure they are all closed, and finish off with a layer of spray wax. If you would like to have a more permanent, hydrophobic sealant on the PPF, we also offer ceramic coating.

Any Questions?

Please feel free to give us a call, or send us an email. We understand that PPF is something that up until recently was mostly offered to you by dealerships, and they were not quite informative on it.

Levels of Protection & Pricing


Starting at $600

Basic Coverage

Includes paint protection film on:

  • Front bumper

  • Headlights / Foglights


Starting at $1700

Full Front Coverage


Includes paint protection film on:

  • Full hood

  • Full fenders

  • Front bumper

  • Headlights / Foglights

  • Side mirror caps


Starting at $6000

Full Vehicle Coverage


Includes paint protection film on:

  • All factory painted surfaces

*Available in matte finish PPF for factory matte finishes, or to add a unique satin look to your car 

A la Carte Protection
Rocker Panels  |  Door Sills  |  Luggage Area  |  A-Pillar kit

At Refined PPF we take pride in providing precise and accurate

installations every time. We wrap edges where possible to ensure a clean and seamless look. Most of our packages are pre-cut templates generated in-house, using template software.

All protection packages are customizable to your preference. We also offer full vehicle protection. Contact us for pricing and questions.*Prices vary depending on vehicle make and model.